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Fees 2024

The fees for the review of research will change as of 01-01-2024. A new studie or amendment received before 01-01-2024 will receive an invoice with the 2023 review fees (even though the review takes place in 2024).

In the download below the fees for 2024 can be found for research directly submitted to MREC NedMec. For information on the rates for the review of clinical research with a medicinal product (CTR), research with a medical device (article 62/74.2 MDR) and research with a medical device for in-vitrodiagnostics (article 58/70.2 IVDR), please visit the website of the CCMO (Website CCMO - rates). 

N.B. For the assessment of a new IMPD or IMDD (per product), regardless of whether this is submitted with a new study or an amendment, a rate is charged in accordance with the national rates of the CCMO (Website CCMO - rates). This also applies if it concerns a medicinal study under the CTD or a study with a medical device that was submitted to the MREC in the past. 


Fees for review 2024 (valid as of 01-01-2024)

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